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Benchmark Image Datasets

500 Synthetic Prostate Ultrasound Scans with 20 Segments per Image for Investigation of Inter-Observer Variability

TRUS images of prostates may be used to both diagnose and treat prostate diseases such as cancer. 500 scans are simulated with gold standard image (ideal segment). As well, segments of 20 users are simulated as well. Finally, a consensus contour is calculated for all 20 segments. Hence, 11,500 images are generated in total. The details are described in:

All images and their manual segmentations have been saved in PNG format.

Note: Make sure that segments are binary when you read them (e.g. in Matlab via BIN = logical(imread(‘1G.png’));)

Prostate Ultrasound



Download Prostate Ultrasound Images with Manual Segments and Consensus Segmenst



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