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Fuzzy Edge Detection

The easiest way to extract edges using fuzzy sets is to define a membership function indicating the degree of edginess in each neighbourhood.

Original Image

Fuzzy Edge Detection

Edge detection using a simple membership function (Adapted from: Tizhoosh, Fuzzy Image Processing, © Copy Right Springer,1997)



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Research :: Fuzzy Image Processing

Fuzzy image processing is not a unique theory. It is a collection of different fuzzy approaches to image processing. Nevertheless, the following definition can be regraded as an attempt to determine the boundaries:

Fuzzy image processing is the collection of all approaches that understand, represent and process the images, their segments and features as fuzzy sets. The representation and processing depend on the selected fuzzy technique and on the problem to be solved.
(From: Tizhoosh, Fuzzy Image Processing, Springer, 1997)

Fuzzy Image Processing


  • Theoretical Foundations

  • Fuzzy Filtering

  • Fuzzy Segmentation

  • Type II Image Modeling


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